Scott County Justice Center

Huntsville, Tennessee

  • 126 inmates
  • 42,000 SF
  • Completed 2008
  • $9.8 Million

For their project in Huntsville, TN, Scott County hired the SouthBuild Team to design and construct a new Justice Complex. The facility is a 42,000 square foot building consisting of a new 126-bed jail with a jail support area, new sheriff’s department, and a new courts area. The court's area consists of two courtrooms, judges’ suites, a clerk’s suite, a public defender suite, and a district attorney suite.

The administration area houses the courts and sheriff's department with the public areas separated from the rest of the facility by electronically secure entry. The jail includes administration, support, and inmate housing areas. The support area of the building houses the intake, kitchen, laundry, medical suite, jail administration functions, and inmate visitation. The minimum security inmate housing area, located south of the administration, is a single-story building that holds the inmate dormitory, control area for the guards, and a receiving area.

Construction of this new facility was completed in 2008.

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