River City Church

 River City Church

Bartlett, Tennessee

  • 11,600 SF
  • $1.1 Million
  • Completed 2015

River City Church is an up-and-coming non-denominational Christian church currently meeting in the Baptist Children’s Home gymnasium. The congregation and staff largely consist of younger adults with small children and “Baby Boomers” that enjoy the contemporary or “non-traditional” nature of the services and messages and the “come as you are” atmosphere.

In search of a home of their own, SA helped review potential site locations. Finding a suitable site, SA assisted the Church completely through its initial design process on an incorporated Shelby County site, only to have the project halted due to issues regarding utility infrastructure. Several months later the Church found its future home and purchased a prominent property in Bartlett, TN. This property included a small existing church building. The new facility design was converted to fit the new site and allow complimentary access to the existing building. Working intimately with the church, the design reflects the nature of River City Church. The massing and fenestration present the contemporary feel while juxtaposing some abstract inspirations taken from traditional stained glass. Project construction began in the Summer 2014.

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